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AEFS is the place for India’s & Asia’s fitness family to be inspire by world renowned fitness educators, to network with known leaders, to share, learn and earn a new level of confidence for the growing fitness industry.

Developing Successful Fitness Teams

Developing a successful fitness team is not just a single step, that you will keep your next foot front and viola it is ready, it takes e...

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How Physical Education Effects Your Daily Lives

Physical education has a huge effect on a human’s daily life because it actually helps you give importance to your health, as we kn...

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How to Motivate Yourself to Work Out

Oh! In today’s social media dominating life there is certainly no scope of NOT HAVING motivation to do anything, if we are talking ...

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What are fitness summits and who can join them?

When we talk about fitness summits or events, it goes for dedicated days where certified fitness professionals with years of knowledge co...

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Inspiring stories on how exercise can change a life forever

When it comes to exercising, it has changed a lot of lives, whether it is depression, anxiety, losing a close one or even a breakup exerc...

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Reason to attend fitness event even if you are a fitness enthusiast

What is more important than health right? Even if you are a person with 9 to 5 job it is important for you to look after your health too,...

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The importance of fitness education

Changing and evolving fitness industry requires certified fitness professionals, What owners of gyms and even management of gym like fitn...

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Tips for Selling More Personal Training to Prospective Clients

Fitness professionals always specialise in their fields and yes even fitness has verities of fields that one could master. The only way y...

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What is wellness and why is it so important?

Whether it is your mind or body wellness is considered a very important aspect in today’s life. Changing times, demand changing sty...

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Why is it important to join in a fitness event?

Fitness events are great opportunities for you to learn and even earn your continuing education credits that you require to keep your cer...

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