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Our Mission & Vision

The Asia EduFit Summit’2022 is a way of educating and inspiring fitness professionals from around India and Asia. “Because it is where education meets success”

AEFS is the place for India’s & Asia’s fitness family to be inspire by world renowned fitness educators, to network with known leaders, to share, learn and earn a new level of confidence for the growing fitness industry.

The Organizer/Education Partner: Classic Fitness Academy was created with an aim to promote fitness as education. With the advent of technology and erratic food habits, obesity and fatal diseases are on an all time high. The purpose here entirely is to create a safe and educated environment for our generations to come, we focus primarily on enabling a healthy mindset that leads to a healthy & fit body

With an aim of spreading awareness, creating acceptance in the world to embrace fitness as a career.

Our Directors


To commemorate 13 Years in field of Fitness Education, Classic Fitness Academy is organizing first ever International and Largest Educational Fitness Summit to be held in New Delhi, India.

Chirag Sethi

Dr. Chirag Sethi

Managing Director
Lagan Rai McPereira

Lagan Rai McPereira

Technical Director